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Interested in our Online Pharmacy? You've come to the right place! Click below to be taken directly to the pharmacy or keep reading to learn more about what this service provides and how it works!

Our online pharmacy is powered and controlled by a company called Covetrus. With this service, products can be shipped directly to you! There are also many products available online that we do not keep in-house that you can request through Boyd Veterinary Hospital. The great thing about ordering through the online pharmacy is you know where the products are coming from! They get all their products from the same facilities as we do so there's no second guessing the safety and efficacy of the products you choose. You can also set up autoship for items like food or medications that your pet needs to be on long term so that every few weeks, your prescriptions will automatically be renewed after going through our system.


When you visit the site, you can make your own account and browse through the products available, click on the one you want and follow the instructions from there to request a prescription. It will then be in our hands to approve or decline. If declined, you will be given a reason so that you may fix the error and we will then reassess the request; you can even request a prescription for products that we do not carry and they will be shipped directly to your house!


If you have never visited the site before and we have discussed sending you a prescription through the site, take a look at the email you provided us and there will be a link with information on how to follow through to get that prescription to you as soon as possible! You can also visit the site directly and check out the Veterinarian Recommendations to see any prescriptions that we have sent to you.


If you have any questions about anything to do with your prescription, do not hesitate to call us! If you have questions about shipping, please call the Covetrus phone number at the bottom of the online pharmacy website as they may be able to assist you better.

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